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Almost every organization we work with has asked for the same two tools: encrypted messaging (we recommend Signal) and a platform for collaborative work. But few collaborative tools meet all of the requirements for anonymity and privacy: free, open-source, and self-hosted.

Activist organizations are instead turning to Google and Facebook as platforms for team collaboration, putting themselves in the legal crosshairs of corporations and governments. For the past two years, the Department of Justice has sought to criminalize activist organizations as a whole, based on the actions of a few members. In the course of one investigation, they issued warrants for the personal information of approximately 6,000 people who "liked" an anti-Trump Facebook page. In another investigation, Facebook simply handed over private account details despite the fact that no criminal charges had been filed.

Building A Better App

Your data belongs to you and your team, not government lawyers and spies. So we built c0llude with privacy from the ground up, under the following principles:

Open Source
Anyone can view and examine every line of our source code. You'll find that our software never tracks your activity, never phones home, and simply "does what it says on the box".

Self Hosted
Never trust another third-party platform with your data. Host unlimited instances of c0llude on any web server with PHP support, even your own web server at home.

Flat File
Databases are messy, and make backups annoying, even challenging. So we didn't use one. All user data is stored in flat files, which can be copied and migrated in a flash.

Long-Term Support
We believe in supporting our community by maintaining our software and responding quickly to our users. We'll offer long-term support to anyone who asks for it.

Revolutionary Inbox
Email is 1970's technology, it's unencrypted, and it's easily tracked by government agencies and malicious actors. So we built a flat-file inbox which keeps your messages private.


Visit for installation instructions.

You Can Help

c0llude is 100% free. Why? We believe payment information defeats user anonymity. No one should keep records of who uses our software, not even us. If you want to make a donation, sign up at our Patreon page, and help us continue to build and deliver free products.

Published April 18, 2018

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