PGP Vulnerability In Email ClientsEthan F Grant, CEO
Notice: Privacy Policy Update

If you have questions regarding our new policy, please reach out to us. We're happy to clarify our statements, address your concerns, and throw shade on corporations with terrible privacy policies.

Introducing Fingertrap, For Whistleblowers

Employers are growing desperate to prevent information leaks, inserting zero-width (hidden) characters into documents. So we built Fingertrap, a tool for whistleblowers to identify digital fingerprinting in text documents.

Put A Fork In Caddy; It's Done

Caddy was supposed to be great: a modern web server configured for TLS and HTTP2 out of the box. But its only developer announced it will soon collect telemetry from its users by default.

Now Is The Perfect Time For An RSS Renaissance

As privacy and security breaches make headlines, we clamor for a decentralized internet. RSS doesn't offer perfect privacy, but it's one step back and two steps forward in the right direction.

Announcing c0llude, A Free Tool For Private Collaboration

Your data belongs to you and your team, not government lawyers and spies. So we built c0llude with privacy from the ground up, and made it free, open-source, and self-hosted.

Facebook Lies To Press In GDPR Statement

Facebook's CEO has announced the company will adhere to EU privacy laws when they go into effect in late May, but will not extend those privacy protections to the rest of its global operations.

Arch Linux, We Need To Talk

Arch Linux is a powerful, minimal operating system; it's the jackknife of the Linux community. But while developers love to tout their success with the OS, new users face unnecessary challenges.

Switzerland's "NSA" Comes Online In Two Weeks

Wide-sweeping laws will affect internet access, email, and "other telecommunications services", including messaging services, social networking communications, cloud platforms, and proxy services.

Apple Is Dead, Long Live Apple

What was once the champion of user experience is now a corporation led by sales and marketing executives making unilateral and arbitrary decisions. I'm calling it. Apple is dead.

Border Patrol's Warrantless Searches Inside U.S.

Under a new directive, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have broad, unchecked authority to search, seize, and share electronic devices and data within 100 miles of United States borders.

Without AES Over Port 443, VPN Is Compromised

VPN services are a vital tool for protecting free speech. Following the death of net neutrality, their business model is more vulnerable than ever. If they don't adapt to protect themselves from ISPs, they'll become obsolete.

Why We Left MassTLC (And You Should Too)

The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council has a laudable mission, but the "most powerful technology association in the region" appears more concerned with political maneuvering than with innovation.

KGB Continues to Target U.S. Journalists

Traditional approaches are failing to protect journalists against an evolving digital threat from state-sponsored hacking groups. With Russia under the microscope, the potential fallout is greater than ever.

Net Neutrality Is Going To Die Next Week

The Federal Communications Commission is a pawn in the hands of corrupt officials and a telecommunications oligopoly, and next week's vote will curtail freedom of speech online and usher in an era of information asymmetry.

The Corrupted State Of Shared Hosting

From media consolidation and shady fine print to decades-old security risks, shared hosting companies are raking in massive profits while leaving consumers holding a virtual stick of dynamite.


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