Unpacking The Carpenter v. United States DecisionEthan F Grant, CEO
Introducing Privc.io, A Privacy News Service

Tired of visiting "all the sites" to get your privacy news? So were we. So we built our own news aggregator, at Privc.io

We Cannot Ignore Children In Cages

As a country, we have kidnapped children from their parents and imprisoned them. Our tax dollars pay our government to carry out these actions, our corporations directly contribute, and we are all culpable.

The Institution Of Privacy Isn't Going Away

Silicon Valley "tech bros" like to tell us that privacy doesn't matter, but the true origin of modern privacy is an idea which has survived global war, economic depression, and erosion by governments and corporations.

PGP Vulnerability In Email Clients

OpenPGP itself is not vulnerable to attack, but "EFAIL" affects users who ignore best practices for the sake of convenience, putting themselves and their conversation partners at risk.

Notice: Privacy Policy Update

If you have questions regarding our new policy, please reach out to us. We're happy to clarify our statements, address your concerns, and throw shade on corporations with terrible privacy policies.

Introducing Fingertrap, For Whistleblowers

Employers are growing desperate to prevent information leaks, inserting zero-width (hidden) characters into documents. So we built Fingertrap, a tool for whistleblowers to identify digital fingerprinting in text documents.

Put A Fork In Caddy; It's Done

Caddy was supposed to be great: a modern web server configured for TLS and HTTP2 out of the box. But its only developer announced it will soon collect telemetry from its users by default.

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