Up The Rabbit Hole: The XY FallacyEthan F Grant, CEO
2019 TechTogether Hackathon

Last month, 1200 (women, and femme / gender non-binary) high school and college students packed into the Agganis Arena at Boston University to participate in this year's 48-hour hacking challenge.

Top Picks: Our 15 Favorite Privacy-Themed Films

Fighting against government surveillance and data breaches every day can leave you feeling overloaded and hopeless. Sometimes you just need to make some popcorn, sit back, and watch movies.

Spy Phone: Hands On With The Punkt MP-02

At first glance, the latest "dumb" phone from Punkt Tronics AG is an attractive option for consumers seeking privacy and simplicity in the smartphone era. But beneath the adorable polycarbonate casing and backlit keys lies a privacy nightmare.

The Institution Of Privacy Isn't Going Anywhere

Privacy is no more vulnerable than the production or consumption of goods. It is an idea which has survived global war, economic depression, and erosion by governments and corporations.

Unpacking The Carpenter v. United States Decision

The Supreme Court found that law enforcement and US government agencies must obtain a warrant before requesting an individual's cell-site location information (CSLI). But there are caveats.

We Cannot Ignore Children In Cages

As a country, we have kidnapped children from their parents and imprisoned them. Our tax dollars pay our government to carry out these actions, our corporations directly contribute, and we are all culpable.

Put A Fork In Caddy; It's Done

Caddy was supposed to be great: a modern web server configured for TLS and HTTP2 out of the box. But its only developer announced it will soon collect telemetry from its users by default.

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